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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2004|11:07 pm]
The Vagina Ribbons

OHH!! Marina Sirtis is going to be at Dragon*Con '05....


I know I said I wasn't gonna have my heart set on it this year, but I just thought that was kinda neato. Are any of you guys planning on returning anyway? Or does anyone have a plan for something else [and less expensive?]
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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2004|03:59 pm]
The Vagina Ribbons

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Hey girls! I was just wondering if any of you would be willing to let me use some of your D*C pics on my website (credited, of course, to your LJ or site or e-mail). I only ask because I don't have ANY pictures of our group, really.

So, if you're willing, just let me know and you can give me the pictures you'd want up there. :o) Thanks guys!
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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2004|05:44 pm]
The Vagina Ribbons

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People in the Hyatt:

We have two beds, correct? I'm just letting you know, I am *not* a fun person to share a bed with, and I will gladly sleep on the floor.

Should I bring my sleeping bag or just take the bedding off one of the other beds/ask room service for extra bedding?
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Just a Curious n00b [Aug. 19th, 2004|08:19 am]
The Vagina Ribbons

[Current Mood |giddygiddy]
[Current Music |Hold Me Now | The Thompson Twins]

Hey all! I absolutely can not wait for D*C. I wanted to go last year, but, alas, money was not my friend. So I am uber-excited this year to be going. I already know Katherine and Roz, and I've talked with quite a few of you, and I must say I hope we all have a smashing time.

*stops gushing*

Now, a technical question. About how much money will I need for spending/extras/etc.? I was thinking about $50.00, but I might be able to swing more. I'm really not planning on any autographs or anything too expensive, but I might get a few little souveniers or something to that effect. And if I find the precious Monty Python Bunny (Katherine knows!) I WILL GET IT. I MUST! MOO WAA HAA HAA! *cough* Anyway, any information would be much appreciated!

I look forward to seeing you guyses!
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OMGWTF?!?!!! [Aug. 18th, 2004|08:07 pm]
The Vagina Ribbons

[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Guess who's got her plane tickets and con memberships ordered????Collapse )
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(no subject) [Aug. 10th, 2004|05:33 pm]
The Vagina Ribbons

[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Hola Marriot and Hyatt Posse!

Molly just posted about the rooms and whatnot, and I am in charge of teh foods.

I am asking that everyone who would like to partake in the food to donate 20$ to the stash. This should cover the trip to walmart or Sams we will be making on the way into Atlanta.

I really hope that everyone can donate to it, I would hate to be standing by the cooler and saying "No! You cannot touch Our FOOD!!!"

I have a paypal account, so that is the *best* way to get money to me.
You can also wire it through Western Union or email me a check/cash(well concealed!!!)

Carrie, you have sent me money before so I know that is a go. Everyone else, if you *can* make arrangements another way, as in you will hand over 20$ at the door when we get to the hotel, then that is cool.

So, if you would like us to pick up something in particular for you, PLEASE COMMENT to this post!!!! Very important.

This may seem like an early notice, but Molly, Jamie, Roz, Nadine, and myself leave for Atlanta 3 weeks from tomorrow!!!

~John Kerry
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flying [Jul. 21st, 2004|02:54 pm]
The Vagina Ribbons
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For those of you flying to the Con...

All you have to do is call Delta Meeting Network reservations at 1-800-241-6760, Monday - Sunday, 8:00 am - 11:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (0800 - 2300 EST). Or, have your travel agent call Delta's toll-free number to obtain these same advantages for you. Refer to File Number 203088A.
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2004|04:05 am]
The Vagina Ribbons

[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]

Eeek! I am beginning to worry that I won't get my time off for D*C. I was figuring on summer slump here- no players, lots of dealers taking time off so we don't have to do lay-offs. However... We've been as busy as ever, and are even hiring new people.

*sits in a corner and worries*

I asked four months in advance, though. Maybe that will help.
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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2004|01:40 pm]
The Vagina Ribbons

[Current Mood |nervousnervous]

K guys. Help needed.

As most of you know, I had that room thing at D*Con because Jay was going to room with David. Well, Jay has been going back and forth on whether I can have anyone else in the room with me. He has set his foot down and said "No one else." Which sucks ass because I had Roz and Nadine with me.

They are both still going, but they need a room to stay in. I have no idea what you guys are doing for rooms. Molly mentioned getting two adjacent rooms a few months ago. I am sure that if you guys have 8 people all together, then 4 in each room will be okay. Molly and belette will know Roz and Nadine because we are all riding together. Do you guys think you could squeeze them in if you get two rooms?
As far as I know, these are the pervy girls attending:


now if Roz and Nadine room with you guys, then it will be 8. We all know what happened with 6 in a room last year! I think everyone would want a bed. heh. Is the two room thing even a possibility?

I don't know why I am trying to arrange this, because I am not a part of the room thing. I just really need a place for my friends. *tear*

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:B [May. 31st, 2004|03:13 am]
The Vagina Ribbons

[Current Mood |determineddetermined]

Hello, my little cupcakes! (? Don't ask, I am tired unless you would like to be my little cupcake....)

I have decided, come hell or high water, I AM going to DragonCon this year. Oh yes. If I have to pawn everything I own, I will. If I have to collect cans on the side of the road, I will. If I have to sell my soul to Satan. Barring any catastrophy, barring my own death (and even then....), you will be seeing my smilie, jet-lagged face in Georgia. Life is too short for me to miss it, and the chance to meet you all, yet AGAIN.
I need to figure out how to work my parents digi camera, and get some eBay auctions up.
I'm accepting commissions, so if you know anyone who wants custom drawn Derf-pr0n or ANYTHING, send 'em my way. :B

**goes away to plot how to save/make money**
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